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Tamika D. Mallory Empowers The Next Generation With Malik Yoba, Venus & Serena Williams! recently highlighted Tamika’s trip to the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center in Washington, D.C. ! Along with a host of celebrities, Venus & Serena, Tamika spoke to the youth at an event entitled, “A Family Affair”.

After spending the entire day sharing her light, Mallory also shared her thoughts about the Williams Sisters Fund with Rolling Out:

Today, I think was a very powerful day to see two superstars, you know mega stars, people that have gone on from our communities to do such great things to come back to this community to a place where young people are most disadvantaged to say you matter and that we actually will use our celebrity and our resources to build something that is for you and about you. I was very excited to be a part of this activity because this is the work we must do for our young people. There are people [who are] protesting and that’s important. And, there must be people to build. I think Venus and Serena have shown what it means to build.”

Read the full Recap HERE

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