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Tamika D. Mallory, 5 Other Activists Arrested In D.C. After Fighting For A Better Black Immigration Policy

Six black civil rights activists, including women’s march organizer Tamika D. Mallory, were arrested on Tuesday, February 27th, in front of the office of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan during a “Day of Action.”

The demonstration took place in Washington, D.C., as they fought for a clean Dream Act to be passed for black immigrants.

In an exclusive op-ed Mallory published on Blavity Tuesday morning, just hours before her arrest, she wrote why she decided to join the fight for black immigrants.

“Black undocumented immigrants have been at the unfortunate intersection of the Trump Administration’s anti-black, Islamophobic and xenophobic agenda,” she wrote. “The issues surrounding immigration do not only live within the Latinx, Muslim and Asian communities. We need to stop working in silos and change the narrative to be more inclusive, concentrating on ALL communities in need of our attention.”

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